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Do You Live at the Premises:
Do You Let Rooms to Any Long Term Guests e.g. DSS, Assylum Seekers etc
Details of Any Cooking Facilities in Rooms :
Do You Have A Restaurant:
If Yes, Number of Covers:
Do You Have A Bar:
If YES, is the Bar Open to Non-Residents:
Number of Years Trading (current premises):
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STANDARD POLICY COVER (Please give details of any additional cover required)
Stock In Transit - Standard Cover: £1,500
Frozen Food - Standard Cover: £1,000
Glass Cover - Standard Cover: £1,000
Money Cover - Standard Cover: £2,000
Business Interruptions Cover - Standard Cover: £100,000
Loss of Licence Cover - Standard Cover: £100,000
Public Liability - Standard Cover: £1,000,000
Employers Liability - Standard Cover: £10,000,000
Any Other Cover Required:
Estimated Annual Turnover (£):
Details of any Work Away from the premises:
Are the premises protected by a N.A.C.O.S.S. approved alarm?
Is Police Response Operational?
Are the premises protected by CCTV?
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