All Risks Insurance Cover
for INEA RemoteAgents
Counter Top and The Terminator:
Total RemoteAgent
Replacement Value

Annual Insurance Premiums
(inc IPT @ 5% & policy fees)

Counter Top: £2,350


The Terminator: £3,100 £117.00
N.B. if 2 or 3 years cover is required to satisfy lease requirements simply multiply the insurance premium by the number of years.

Warranties : Standard policy wordings and warranties – click here to view full policy wording


▪ Theft cover subject to forcible or violent entry/exit only ( i.e. to the main building in which the RemoteAgent is situated, essentially there must evidence of a break in to either the outside building structure if located in a shopping mall complex or the internal shop/office structure if within a unit)


▪ All RemoteAgents must be fixed in place i.e. bolted or screwed down


▪ £100 excess each and every claim


Your Demands & Needs : We believe this product meets your demands and needs in wishing to insure against your RemoteAgent all risks insurance needs.


Products, Advice & Recommendation : We offer products from a range of Insurers based on a fair analysis of the market, these terms are underwritten by Lloyds of London, a well recognised Insurer providing a high level of service at fair and reasonable premiums.



If this scheme does not appear to be suitable for your requirements
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