The month of Brexit has officially arrived, and — while the government initially said that a ‘no-deal’ is unlikely — recent government releases regarding accelerated planning for such a scenario emphasise the need to prepare for any result. 

Will Green Cards be Needed?
In the event of a no-deal, UK citizens will need extra documentation to drive within the EU or EEA. 
– Drivers would need to contact their insurer to arrange a ‘green card’ for driving a UK-registered car in the EU, which would be required under EU regulations as proof of insurance in the event of a no-deal. 
– A no-deal would cause changes to the type of international driving permit (IDP) that some countries accept. This means that UK citizens must possess both a UK driving licence and the correct IDP to drive in EU and EEA countries. 
– If you are a UK driving licence holder that is currently living in the EU or EEA, it’s important to exchange your UK licence for a local EU licence before 29th March 2019.

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