Policy Terms, Warranties, Conditions and Exclusions

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Policy Terms, Warranties, Conditions and Exclusions

Insurers may vary their standard policy wordings by endorsement. However, it is essential that you read your documents carefully. This is to ensure you are familiar with all of the Terms, Warranties, Conditions and Exclusions that apply.

Terms, Warranties, Conditions must be complied with throughout the duration of the policy to ensure indemnity in the event of a claim. Failure to comply with any Terms, Warranties and/or Conditions precedent could result in policy cover being suspended or invalidated. This is whether applied by endorsement or contained within the policy wording. Furthermore, this relates to all different types of insurance policies. For instance, this includes: Combined Commercial, Commercial Legal Expenses, Computer, Contractors All Risks. As well as, Cyber, Directors and Officers, Group Personal Accident & Travel, Marine Cargo / Transit, Motor Fleet and Property to name but a few.

Terms and Conditions

Insurers impose terms and conditions, either by endorsement and/or within the policy wordings. These need to be complied with for policy cover to be operative.


All warranties stated in policy documentation are conditions precedent to liability. Therefore, failure to fully comply with any warranty could suspend or invalidate the policy cover.

Conditions Precedent to Liability

In addition to warranties (or in some instances, in place of), policies may contain ‘conditions precedent to liability’. Failure to comply with a condition precedent may mean that the insurer will not be liable for any loss.


Please pay particular attention to policy endorsements. These may either restrict the scope of policy cover and/or apply additional conditions that you need to comply with. Failure to fully comply with the endorsement terms could result in policy cover being suspended or invalidated and claims repudiated.

Policies Also Contain General Conditions That Apply To All Policyholders

General Conditions apply in addition to any risk specific terms, warranties, conditions and exclusions. The conditions applicable will vary dependent upon the insurer and nature of cover provided. However, the following are common examples:

  • Claims Notification Conditions
  • Reasonable Precautions Conditions
  • Minimum Security Conditions
  • Intruder & Fire Alarm Conditions
  • Compliance with Legislation Conditions
  • Fire, Electrical & Gas Safety Conditions
  • Portable & Other Types of Heater Conditions / Exclusions
  • Subcontractors Conditions
  • Hazardous Works, Locations & Products Conditions / Exclusions
  • North USA/Canada Conditions / Exclusions
  • Hot Works Conditions / Exclusions
  • Work Away, Work at Height & Work at Depth Conditions / Exclusions
  • Alteration in Risk Conditions

The above are just examples and the list is by no means exhaustive.

It is essential that you refer to your policy schedule and wording to familiarise yourself with all of the Terms, Warranties, Conditions and Exclusions that apply.

Please contact us immediately:

  • If at any time you are unable to comply with any Terms, Warranties, Conditions, Exclusions or Insurers’ requirements
  • If you have any queries or questions in respect of your policy terms, conditions or exclusions

We will confirm in writing by return all and any matters referred to us.

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