Insurance2day have negotiated a specialist professional indemnity insurance scheme for commercial energy assessors.

Non compliance by property owners with the European Union’s Energy Performance Directive (EPBD) could result in failure to complete conveyancing to possible action by the Trading Standards Officers including fines up to £5,000.

All commercial buildings over 50 square metres constructed, sold or let since October 2008 must have an Energy Performance Certificate and all public authorities and public institutions
occupying buildings with a useable floor area over 1,000 square metres need to have a Display Energy Certificate clearly visible to the general public.

Energy Performance Certificates and Display Energy Certificates must be accompanied by a report containing recommendations for the improvement of the energy performance of the building. The report must be issued by the energy assessor who originally issued the Energy Performance Certificate. Failure to provide a recommendation report will incur a £1,000 fine.

We can provide professional indemnity insurance cover for commercial energy assessors from £183.75 – full details of our professional indemnity insurance scheme can be viewed at