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One of the U.K.’s leading cyber insurers, Beazley, have partnered with KnowBe4, the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform provider, who provide some of the free resources on this page. In addition, Beazley policyholders can access the following Webinars and a wealth of other free risk management resources.

Cyber Insurance

Cybercrime Spotlights – Webinars available to Beazley policyholders:

Cloud Cyber Security Webinar discussing common risks of cloud breaches.
Passwords, Biometrics, and More Webinar discussing the basics of authentication, password theft and cracking, password security and storage, and options for two-factor authentication.
Ransomware is evolving Webinar discussing how ransomware is evolving and what it means for prevention and response.
Effective backup strategies Webinar explaining different types of data restoration, backup configuration, and effective backup strategies, as well as how local and remote backups can be compromised.
Banking Trojans Webinar discussing how banking Trojans work, how they infect computers, what malicious capabilities they possess, and how to protect your network.

Cyber-attacks pose a growing threat to all businesses. Whilst risks can be reduced by robust policies, systems and procedures, increasingly sophisticated scams designed to dupe employees and exploit both system and human weaknesses, mean that risks cannot be totally eliminated. That’s why cyber insurance is more important than ever.

– Over 90% of Cyber Attacks Target HUMAN WEAKNESS
– Random Phishing Campaigns are Increasing Sophisticated

insurance from just £12.50 per month, covering:

  • £250,000 Cyber Extortion
  • £250,000 Data Recovery
  • £250,000 GDPR Breaches
  • £250,000 Cyber Liability
  • £250,000 Cyber Business Interruption
  • £250,000 Computer Expert Services, Legal Services, PR and Crisis Management Service
  • Optional £50,000 Fraudulent Instruction Cover
  • Optional £50,000 Fraudulent Transfer Cover
  • Optional £50,000 Telecommunications Fraud Cover

N.B. Instant quotes can be provided for limits of indemnity up to £5,000,000. We have access to the leading cyber insurers in the U.K.

To assess and evaluate your cyber risks, take a look at our useful cyber resources. 

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Cyber Insurance

Cyber Risks Help Sheet
Beazley have updated their Security Requirements for Cyber Coverage. Their Help Sheet can assist you in making the necessary, simple risk improvements required to improve your cyber security risk management.

This easy-to-use checklist can help you assess the severity of cyber risks facing your business.
Cyber Risks Exposure Calculator
This easy-to-use calculator can help you review some of the cyber risk exposures facing your business.
Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020
Visual overview of the 2020 Cyber Security Breaches Survey, commissioned by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport as part of the National Cyber Security Programme. You can use the information in this document to compare the effectiveness of your cyber-security efforts and learn how you can improve.

Want instant access to NCSC’s FREE Cyber Training Resources?

What does Cyber Insurance Cover?
This useful blog / checklist offers advice on what questions you need to ask to ensure you have a comprehensive cyber insurance policy.