A cyber attack and/or data breach can be extremely costly for your business. If you fall victim to cyber crime (e.g. by simply opening an email) our insurance can help protect your business financially and enable you to take back control.

Did You Know? Over 90% of Cyber Attacks Target HUMAN WEAKNESS

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What does cyber insurance include?

In the event of a cyber attack, our cyber insurers provide (i) experts to mitigate the financial cost to your business, (ii) experts to get your systems and data repaired/restored and (iii) cover for the resultant loss of revenue or increased working costs should the attack bring your trading to a halt or impact on your ability to trade normally. Additionally, our insurers provide cover for legal costs involved in informing regulators and customers of the situation, as well as legal fees if your company is sued for breach of personal data. Furthermore, our insurers provide the option to cover £50,000 Fraudulent Instruction, £50,000 Funds Transfer Fraud and £50,000 Telephone Fraud, for a small additional cost. For more information check out our FREE Cyber Checklist.

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How much does cyber insurance cost?
Comprehensive cyber insurance can be arranged from as little as £12.50 per month. Furthermore, we can provide quick indicative quotes, based on your business activities and turnover.

Will it cover the costs of any regulatory fines?
UK law states that GDPR fines aren’t insurable. However, our insurers include emergency breach response. What’s more, our insurers can assist in reducing the fine your business receives by acting quickly to limit the exposure.

What does cyber insurance cover?
Cyber insurance cover can vary greatly, as too can policy excesses applicable! When added as a bolt on to an existing policy, cyber insurance may only cover your legal liabilities and/or provide limited first party cover. It is important to check the scope of cover afforded, to ensure that you have a comprehensive policy. A cyber policy should provide access to (and cover the costs of) experts in the event of a cyber attack or data breach, to enable your business to get back on its feet.

Specifically, cyber insurance may cover:

  • Cyber Extortion i.e. investigation of an extortion (or ransomware) attack
  • Data Protection i.e. the cost of data recovery, following the alteration, corruption, destruction, deletion or damage to data following a cyber attack
  • Cyber Business Interruption i.e. the resultant loss of revenue or increased working costs following a cyber attack
  • Regulatory Defence and Penalties e.g. GDPR breaches
  • Cyber Liability & Website Media Content Liability i.e. covering your third party cyber liability risks
  • PCI Fines, Expenses and Costs if PCI compliant
  • Computer Expert Services, Legal Services, Public Relations and Crisis Management Services i.e. to coordinate the expert forensic, legal, notification and credit monitoring services to satisfy all legal requirements and maintain customer confidence. With limits of indemnity as per the attached proposals.

Complete our Cyber Risks Checklist to review how robust your existing systems are and identify what procedures could be monitored and updated, to reduce your cyber exposures.

To Assess and Evaluate your Cyber Risks, please view our useful resources.

How can we help?

Cyber insurance can help your business get back on its feet. Often, cyber threats or malware attacks require in-depth technical knowledge, which our insurers can provide. What’s more, the right cover will minimise the impact on your business and provide financial support during an incident. Additionally, cyber insurance may help cover the costs of any legal and regulatory actions after an incident.

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Cyber Risks Exposure Calculator
This easy-to-use calculator/checklist can help you assess the severity of cyber risks facing your business.

Why should I buy my insurance from you?

We work with the UK’s leading cyber insurance providers, which means we can provide you with comprehensive cyber insurance to protect your business. The process is simple and hassle-free. In fact, our dedicated team will be there to assist you from start to finish throughout the customer journey.

What measures can I implement to reduce the risk and impact of a cyber attack?

Insurance is only one factor. It is essential to ensure that you have adequate risk mitigation measures in place to protect your business. By doing so, you can reduce the risk of falling victim to cyber crime in the first instance. However, in the event that your systems are breached, the financial cost and overall disruption to your business could be significantly less.

Do I need cyber insurance?

If your business uses email, smartphones, has a website, accesses websites and/or stores customer data electronically, then the answer is Yes! Your business could be a target for cyber crime and should consider protection in the form of cyber and data breach insurance.

If an attacker gains access to customer information stored on your network, or manages to access your banking, this could have a devastating impact on you and your business. That’s why in today’s digital world cyber insurance really is an essential.

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