The following is an example of a typical minimum security requirement, however each insurers policy wording and/or schedule of insurance will provide specific details of the terms that will apply:

– wooden exit doors are secured by BS3621 five lever mortice deadlocks
– in addition, any double doors have flush or barrel bolts, top and bottom
– in addition, hinge bolts are fitted top and bottom to any outward opening doors or key operated locks or bolts fitted top and bottom
– external aluminium or UPVC doors are secured by a cylinder operated mortice pivot bolt lock including anti-turn cylinder collar, and if double leaf flush bolts on the first closing leaf
– steel exit doors, and all sliding exit doors, are secured by a substantial padlocking bar and high quality close shackle padlock with minimum of five levers or mortice hook bolt lock which has five or more levers and/or conforms to BS3621specification for thief resistant locks with matching steel box striking plate
– opening basement and ground floor windows and fanlights and other opening windows fanlights and skylights which are accessible from roofs balconies canopies fire escapes or downpipes, are secured by:
(i) key-operated window locks with the keys removed when in operation
(ii) or solid steel bars not less than 16mm (5/8”) diameter and not more than 125mm (5”) apart securely fixed to the brickwork or masonry surrounding the window
(iii) or lockable steel expanded metal window gates or weld mesh grilles
(iv) or shutters that are used to cover the whole of the window opening
– where installed, roller shutters, are secured by locking bolts or other devices specifically agreed by insurers.

If you require further advice or guidance in respect of the above, please
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