Insurance2day have teamed with Beazley, to provide a comprehensive Cyber & Data Breach Insurance package, covering:

  • Third Party Cyber Liability: £250,000
  • Breach Response Services: 5,000 Individuals
  • Cyber Extortion, Cyber Business Interruption & Cyber Data Protection: £100,000

Full details of the covers available are detailed in the Policy Wording and Policy Summary

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Please carefully review the Statement of Fact below and advise if you do not agree with ALL of the statements:

  1. You EITHER do not store payment card data; OR you have fewer than 10,000 payment card data; OR all payment card data is encrypted when stored

  2. You do not collect or store the personally identifiable information of more than 10,000 individuals

  3. Any personally identifiable information stored on mobile devices such as USB sticks, laptops and tablets is encrypted

  4. You are not aware that you collect or store personally identifiable information of US citizens and no turnover is generated from sales to the US

  5. There is no reason to expect contentious content would appear on your website, posted by you or any other person

  6. You EITHER have evidence of training and a written statement on how to maintain the privacy of personally identifiable information; OR you have a plan to have these in place in the next 3 months

  7. You EITHER use a 3rd party provider (e.g. dropbox or cloud provider) to store data off your own network; OR complete regular back-ups of the computer network(s) and data and store the back-up off site

  8. You or any director, officer, board member, senior manager or employee of your organisation are NOT aware of any circumstance which may give rise to a claim or loss in respect of privacy, a breach of network or information security or unauthorised disclosure of information

  9. NO loss or claim, whether successful or not, has ever occurred or been made against you or your predecessors in business or any past or present director, officer, board member, senior manager or employee in respect of privacy, breach of information or network security, unauthorised disclosure of information, defamation or content infringement or cyber extortion

  10. You have NOT received any complaints with respect to, or suffered any problems relating to or been the subject of regulatory investigations or requests for information in respect of privacy, breach of information or network security, or unauthorised disclosure of information?

  11. All Material Facts have been disclosed