If you are looking to Import or Export a single container, or multiple containers of Domestic Goods and are in need of marine cargo/transit insurance, we are here to help!

Whilst our Insurers will require an Inventory of Household Goods and Personal Effects, we can provide marine cargo quotations in the first instance based on the:

– Nature of Goods
– Value of Goods
– The Regions Goods are Going To and From
– Previous Claims/Loss History
– Other Material Circumstances or Facts

N.B. For the purposes of setting the values for insurance for Household Goods and Personal Effects, values should be based on the full cost of replacement at today’s prices (apart from clothing and household linen, where values should be reduced to allow for wear and tear and loss in value). Freight costs can also be included as an option if cover is required for recovery of these costs following a loss.

Vehicles should be insured for their full value at destination including Freight costs. As a guide, the MINIMUM we suggest you insure for, should be the UK value plus 50% plus Freight costs. N.B. If you do not insure for full value any claims payments will be proportionately reduced.

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