Important Notice for Fleet Policyholders

All accidents, incidents and losses must be reported immediately, whether or not a claim is to be made, either via the insurers incident report line, or by completion of our Motor Accident Report Form.

For all fleet policyholders, it is essential that any drivers with convictions, health problems (which may impair driving ability) and/or adverse claims experience to be referred to insurers, prior to vehicle use. In addition, driver details and driving licence checks should be undertaken at least annually and at the same time it should be made clear to all drivers, that insurers need to be made aware of all and any changes, as soon as they occur.

Our Vehicle Driving Application Form may be downloaded and used to collate this information, however pending confirmation of acceptability, driving should not be permitted where there are any adverse risk factors.

GAP Insurance 
Finance Gap Insurance covers the difference between a claim pay out and the amount left to pay on a finance deal, thus eliminating the risk of negative equity. Cover can also be arranged on ‘Return to Invoice’ basis, where vehicles are purchased outright. Cover can be arranged for owned, financed and/or leased vehicle. Request a Quote

We can provide cover for:
– Owned Vehicles: 25% of the total loss valuation, up to the sum insured, or
– Financed Vehicles: the amount owed to the finance company, up to the sum insured, where the early settlement amount exceeds the insured value, or
– Leased Vehicles: the amount owed to the lease company, up to the sum insured, where the termination charge exceeds the insured value