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Commercial insurance can be complex. Therefore, the purpose of our Insurance Resource Zone is to provide you with information and resources.

For over 20 years we have been arranging commercial and property insurance covers. These are for businesses and property owners in the United Kingdom.

Cost is a key factor when purchasing insurance. Therefore, it is fundamental to take the time to ensure the information (which the proposals are based) are accurate and complete.

The information needs to reflect both your current risk profile and ongoing insurance needs. This will help ensure that your financial interests are protected in the event of a claim. In addition, that value for money is achieved.

We have included below some of our most Frequency Asked Questions. We hope you will find them to be of assistance.

Bona Fide & Labour Only Subcontractors
What’s The Difference & Why is This So Important?
– Download our DRAFT EMAIL – Request for Subcontractor Liability Insurance Details

Material Facts or Circumstances
What Do Insurers need to know?

Statement of Facts
– What is a Statement of Fact?
Increasingly insurance proposals are provided based ‘Statement of Facts’ (SOF). These contain questions, some of which are pre-populated with assumed answers. It is therefore essential to review all SOFs carefully and advise if any amendments need to be made. The insurance terms proposed will be based upon the information contained within the SOF being accurate and up to date.

Please also review our Summary of Other Covers. Also, read Top 10 Insurance Tips for useful advice. This will assist you in achieving the best cover and value for money.

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