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Commercial Legal Expenses Insurance

  • Please carefully review the Acceptance Criteria below and advise if you do not agree with ALL of the statements: Acceptance Criteria:
    • No more than 1 claim or circumstance (total legal costs below £10,000) in last 3 years
    • No claim or circumstance in last 3 years where the total legal costs were more than £10,000
    • No more than 2 claims or circumstances in last 3 years
    • The policyholder is domiciled in United Kingdom, Channel Islands & Isle of Man
    • The risk is located in United Kingdom, Channel Islands & Isle of Man
    • Where lease / rental agreement(s) are covered, no properties are: (i) social housing, (ii) Housing Association, (iii) Houses of Multiple Occupation, (iv) agricultural lettings and/or (v) licensed premises
    • As far as it is known, there are no circumstances which have resulted or could result in a dispute which might lead to a claim under this insurance. 
    • All Material Facts have been disclosed