Specialist Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Scheme for:
Comprehensive Professional Indemnity Insurance Scheme – prices include £1,000,000 public liability cover
Limits of Indemnity
Professional Indemnity: PI
Public Liability: P/L

Domestic Energy Assessors & Home Inspectors where
Up To 25% of reports will be HCRs

Domestic Energy Assessors & Home Inspectors where
More Than 25%
of reports will be HCRs

£250,000 PI
£2,000,000 P/L

£260.00 + IPT @ 5% = £273.00

£315.00 + IPT @ 5% = £330.75

£500,000 PI
£2,000,000 P/L

£345.00 + IPT @ 5% = £362.25

£425.00 + IPT @ 5% = £446.25

£1,000,000 PI
£2,000,000 P/L

£475.00 + IPT @ 5% = £498.75

£600.00 + IPT @ 5% = £630.00

£2,000,000 PI
£2,000,000 P/L

£885.00 + IPT @ 5% = £929.25

£1,125.00 + IPT @ 5% = £1,191.75

Cover over £2,000,000 – please refer
If this scheme does not appear to be suitable for your business activities and/or the size of your company please call 0800 055 60 83 or CLICK HERE.

If you will
also be providing Home Information Packs then the following additional premium (including IPT @ 5%) will apply:

£787.50 for £2,000,000 professional indemnity cover

N.B. To benefit from this cover you will need to have £2,000,000 professional indemnity cover across the board

If you require cover solely for Home Information Pack Provision then our HIP IDEA and PALI schemes may be of interest to you, alternatively please click here.

Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Scheme
Terms & Conditions:

* All risks must have all of the following features:

  • No claims or circumstances in last 6 years
  • The majority of principals must have relevant qualifications or a minimum of 3 years relevant experience
  • Proposer has not at any time been refused similar insurance, or had any policy cancelled or voided at any time
  • All fees derived from UK clients and work carried out in the UK
  • No work carried out offshore
  • No manual work carried out
  • Proposer’s activities have not changed materially during the past 6 years, or for as long as they have been trading if less than 6 years

If you do not comply with all of the above please contact our office on 0800 055 60 83 as we may be able to quote terms with other insurers.

* Premiums are based on one full time individual carrying out DEAs or HCRs for any one insured – additional premiums will apply if cover required for more than one individual

* Retroactive Date: Inception (if you have previously held professional indemnity insurance cover please advise us of the retroactive date so that we can refer to insurers for the retroactive date to be carried forward)

* Territorial Limits: Worldwide

* Jurisdiction: Worldwide excluding USA/Canada

* Policy period – 12 months renewable annually

* Premium payment – the initial premium is to be paid in full at inception prior to cover being issued.

* Number of HIPs -The Insured shall keep an accurate record of all home information packs produced including details of the address and post code to which the home information pack relates. If the estimated number of HIPs is exceeded during the course of the policy the Insured must notify Insurance2day immediately for the policy cover to be upgraded.

* The professional indemnity limit of indemnity is for Any One Claim

* Nil policy excess for Domestic Energy Assessments (Performance Certificates)

* £1,000 policy excess each and every claim in respect of Home Condition Reports and HIP provision

* Satisfactorily completed proposal form and payment of premium

If cover is arranged for Public Liability insurance then the following additional terms will apply to the public liability insurance section:

* The limit of indemnity is for Any One Claim, including costs and expenses.

* £100 third party property damage excess each and every claim, not applicable to defence costs.