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Controlling Your Social Media Data

When it comes to protecting your personal data on social media, each social media provider has a different set of tools to help you do so. Generally, each provider should allow you to view data collection settings under specific tabs within your account, such as ‘account settings’ or ‘privacy preferences’. These settings will allow you to tailor your information for more personalised advertisements, as well as limit microtargeting practices altogether.

To strengthen your privacy settings on each platform, click the links below to view fact sheets provided by the Information Commissioner’s Office to see how to view and change your advertising settings:

In addition, it is important to always pay attention to what personal data you share on social media through posts and interactions, the provider’s privacy policy and how the social media service is using your data.

Lastly, remember that even if you delete an app from your phone, it doesn’t necessarily delete the personal data it collected. Be sure to contact the app supplier to understand how your data will be used after deletion.

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