Running your business is risky enough, without having to worry about new laws, compliance directives or regulations.

Insurance2day have teamed up with PIB Risk Management to provide a range of Health & Safety consultancy services.

PIB Risk Management services include the following:

(1) Health & Safety Audit and Action Plan
To check compliance with Health & Safety legislation that requires all businesses to have:
(i) A Health and Safety Policy which is communicated and reviewed regularly
(ii) Risk Assessments which are reviewed as necessary and recorded where there are 5 or more employees
(iii) A written employee induction Training program, with training records maintained
Furthermore, employers are required to appoint a Competent Person, or people, to help meet their health and safety legal duties

(2) Fire Risk Assessment
A written fire risk assessment is a legal requirement. Fire risk assessments should be reviewed annually, or when there are any significant changes to the premises or work activities.

(3) Reviewing and Updating Your Documents
Assisting you with the compilation of health & safety documentation required to ensure compliance.

(4) Acting as Your Competent Person
Taking a more proactive role, in reviewing and updating your health and safety documentation. This will include risk assessments and safety systems of work (SSWs) with input from relevant personnel in your business.

Insurance2day policyholder you are entitled to a 20% discount off PIB Risk Management’s standard prices.

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