Comprehensive Business Travel Insurance cover for Directors and Employees whilst on:

a) an Internal Journey within Britain requiring a rail journey, a flight or an overnight stay, or
b) an External Journey outside Britain, not exceeding 31 days duration.

Business Travel cover can be arranged to include Holiday Travel for Directors along with their accompanying Spouse and/or Child(ren).

Please complete the form below for a Business Travel Insurance quotation

Business Travel Insurance

  • Example: where 1 person = 1 trip, 2 people = 2 trips etc
  • Please carefully review the Statement of Fact below and advise if you do not agree with ALL of the statements:
    1. There have been no incidents, accidents or travel claims (meaning business travel or Director’s holiday travel claims) within the past three years
    2. You are a UK Registered Company (not a sole trader)
    3. No directors or employees: - are aged over 75 years - are permanently seconded overseas, seconded to the UK from overseas on a temporary basis, or employed and remunerated by an entity registered outside of the UK - undertake trips overseas longer than 31 days duration - undertake heavy manual work whilst travelling - working on offshore platforms or making regular visits to offshore installations - pilot an aircraft - travel to Iran, Syria, North Korea or any areas of unrest, where the Foreign and Commonwealth office advise against all travel - transact business with any Country where financial or trade sanctions are in force
    4. No trips are taken against medical advice and/or for the purposes of medical treatment
    5. All Material Facts have been disclosed